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request for governor schwartzeneggar. rose parker is asking for a full pardon. i talked with her today before she left to file a formal request. >> i should have been pardoned f i don't fight for it, if i don't pursue it, it will be dropped to the ground. >> rose parker was paroled from prison 10 years ago by gray davis. she's now filing a request to governor schwartzeneggar for a pardon based on innocence. i first met rose 10 years ago at california institution for women. she was serving a 27-year to life sentence owe for killing her abusive exboy boyfriend, a powerful, wealthy older man. >> i'm pregnant. by 19 month old son is there. the bullet hit my brother and hit him. wounded by brother, killed art. >> rose was 23. she served 15 years before governor davis ordered her paroled. he says parker commit aid grave crime, however this, case has characteristics of battered women syndrome. now legally recognized offense not available at the time of her trial. now, res is known as dr. rose parker sterling. she's married to a southern california minister michael sterling chlgt she reunited
will not reiterate mt use as a from earlier about moving into parker said and the generosity of the owner donating that land to the city and county for that use but i will reiterate my enthusiasm on moving muni to the west side of 19th avenue. for a normally equipped pedestrian, it is a death run to get to the center island. this is difficult if you get halfway across one direction of those lanes. moving out of the traffic will make it much better. the overall project of improving the park will improve the lifestyle for the disabled. there will be plans for disabled and they will be rebuilt. this has been a piece feel reduction of rebuilding the intersection since i've become a wheelchair user. each one of those has been an improvement but the overall project if this proceeds and i hope it does, will be a fast improvement for muni and for the safety of all people in san francisco. >> good afternoon. >> i was a 40-year member for 10 years and i am very enthusiastic about any transportation and once a member of the sustainability committee. i like the idea of a more green environment. i also know th
, of course, a familiar form, sense is go neighborhoods, and in this case, as parker said, it is unique. in the lower left-hand corner you can see how you need it is, a single ownership property and as such there is an opportunity to achieve things in terms of transit use that is unparalleled. this project currently has 3221 at home and is very close to the arterioles. it is all the rage, close to important transit arteries, including the bus lines, working very near but not quite touching parts of the city. currently it is a very car dependent place with the resources in the neighborhood, almost like a gated community. because we had this opportunity for single ownership we thought we could transform this neighborhood as a paradigm for what sustainable could be in the future. usable public open spaces, making it a net addition of 5679 individual dwelling units. plus significant neighborhood serving amenities. interestingly, in doing this we were able to achieve a 60% reduction for home using energy, potable water, and production of wastewater. likewise the use of the automobile based o
here is how the 75 person roster game the 58 month roster. willy parker had 16 carries for 50 yards and also four catches for 20 yards in three pre- season games for the red skins. parker didn't have enough quickness to make this team. the other cut is terrance austin. he had 146 yards and one td in the pre-season. he was a 7th round pick this year. he could make the practice squad which will be announced for tomorrow. >>> the other notable cuts. >> and then those who stuck around. and then in the back field. >> the university of marilyn made a big addition to their staff today. kevin anderson the athletic director at army since 2004 is now the new ad. he replaces debbie who led the athletic department for 16 years. left to become the ad at nc state. >> speaking of the turps their season gets underway against navy. they have one five of their last six openers but coming off their first season ever finishing last season 2-10. the naval academy posted a 10-4 record with a bold win over missouri. no doubt they have the terps' respect. >> i have the utmost respect for their program and
it out a longtime ago. >> let's hear it. >> done, debate over. you have a better idea? >> parker spitzer. what do you think? >> parker spitzer. >> it rolls off the tongue. >> here is the deal, i will concede it to you for a player to be named later. no -- >> how about the spitzer factor. >> parker spitzer, done deal. love it. >> it is like "moonlighting" but with socks. aren't they adorable? do you have a name for them? >> oh, man. he is a small child at this point. we put it out to the mad libs of the viewers. >> the should you sounds like a euphemism. why are you limping? i was parker spitzered. and it is a so worth it. >> you will hear about parker spitzer on a website in germany. >> do you think this show will be a hit? >> oh do i? were we supposed to see that, or was that sound food -- footage they were not supposed to show the audience yet? have you ever been caught at a party by two people boring you to death? i felt like that. i was in a kitchen in manhattan backed up against the fire escape trying to have a smoke. and then these two white people going, parker spitzer, spit swre
. beth parker shows us what some love and determination can do. >> reporter: kenny atwall and jeanine planned their dream wedding on the outer banks. they rented four houses, earl was following just behind them. >> when they called our house at 8:00 on the morning on wednesday and there was a message saying we had to get out. >> reporter: so they moved to another part of the outer banks, but they were forced to evacuate again and this time they headed home to charles county. however, they made good use of the time. >> so we were in the car on the way home from north carolina, 5.5 hours, planning the entire wedding. >> we called it the blackberry wedding because it all went down on the blackberry. >> reporter: they had to pull a lot of strings but they found a church, a bakery, and a place for the reception in one day. >> we got a call in the afternoon and it was an emergency situation. >> a cake emergency. >> cake emergency. >> reporter: debra taylor at charles street bakery don't know kenny and jeanine personally. >> i felt sorry for the bride. i figured she was going crazy. >> repor
of someone cutting up money might make you cringe. it's part of what they do here. i'm beth parker, behind the scenes is a bureau of engraving and printing. >>> and you know it's hard to believe, labor day weekend got here like that and. >> a cooldown coming. the forecast is next. yorbmo no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. >> imagine a whole lot of cash. this money is mutilated, burned, shredded and nearly destroyed there is a special group of federal employees responsible for piecing it together. fox 5s beth parker shows us a part of the treasury department we rarely see. >> reporter: this man is cutting up a $100 bill, though he's not made of money b
last weaker. julie parker has the latest on the police investigation and a letter that went to parents. >> this couple have two children at the elementary school. they just learned of an incident just of school property. >> we are concerned over what steps we need to take. >> a man dressed all in black wearing a ski mask coming out of the woods thursday afternoon been a playground. >> he started to run away -- she started to run away, he followed dorschel distance and then stopped. >> he is thought to be in his 30's and the least 6 feet tall. he said something to her, but she cannot remember what. she reported the incident to another. they searched the area but did not find anyone. >> the area is beyond the soccer field. a lot of young people use this area. >> the principal sent home a letter friday alerting parents. many of them are anxious and eager to do whatever they can. >> we want to help the administration as well as the police to better protect our children. >> the parents are trying to figure out how to explain this situation to their children. police have received no other s
: kathy parker says her travel nightmare started with this wallet. >> they went through compartments, you know, they kind of looked through like this. and in this compartment i keep a lot of receipts. so they were actually pulling out receipts and looking at them. and they were opening it all the way up. >> reporter: that is when parker says her trip through philadelphia airport security went too far. >> it was very uncomfortable. it was embarrassing to have your personal things from inside your wallet, receipts, just laid out in the open and people looking and it was -- it was just a horrific experience. >> reporter: and that wasn't all. parker was flying to charlotte, north carolina, on business in august when she says transportation security administration agents and local law enforcement detained her for an hour. questioning her, searching her personal items, even calling her husband to say she was suspected of embezzlement after finding $8,000 in checks in her wallet. >> they told him that they detained me because they suspected it was a divorce situation and that i was emptying out
security procedures are going way too far. cnn's kate bolduan has the story. >> reporter: cathy parker says her nightmare started with this wallet. >> they went through compartments, they kind of looked through like this. and in this compartment i keep a lot of receipts, so they were pulling out receipts and looking at them. they were opening them all the way up. >> reporter: that's when she said her trip through philadelphia airport security went too far. >> it was very uncomfortable, it was embarrassing to have your personal things from inside your wallet, receipts just laid out in the open and people looking. it was just a horrific experience. >> reporter: parker was flying to north carolina on business in august when she says transportation security administration agents and local law enforcement detained her for an hour, questioning her, searching her personal items, calling her husband to say she was suspected of embezzlement after finding $8,000 in checks in her wallet. >> they told him that they detained me because they suspected it was a divorce situation, and that i was emptying o
, but other mosques in the united states. >>> we'll also talk to cnn's new voices, kathleen parker and eliot spitzer, parker spitzer. [ male announcer ] not one person climbing everest has ever stopped at the drive-thru window for breakfast on the way to the top. new quaker hearty medleys. a whole new oatmeal loaded with delicious fruit, nuts, and four hearty whole grains, working together to make you amazing. does your breakfast make you amazing? i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ to everyone who wants to go to college and everyone who started college but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take ou
happen? beth parker has some answers at the d.c. board of elections. >> reporter: as you know, plenty of voters stayed up past midnight and did not know the outcome of d.c.'s mayoral primary. so here, at -- the man who would be d.c.'s next mayor is not impressed. >> was out and i visited many, many precincts yesterday. i saw the problems existing out there and there is a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: former secretary of the army and of veteran's affairs chairs the d.c. board of elections andeth ache -- ethics, speaking directly to critics and getting choked up. >> i have not encouraged anyone. you have not enhanced the chances of improvement. you have not meant honest and descent civil service. feel good about the jobs they're asked to take on. >> reporter: the board of elections executive director said that the counting fell behind schedule after the postpone in part because worker his trouble shutting down brand- new polling machines and this is the first election in d.c. with early voting and the first with same-day registration. >> there are three components. there
narayanan brings meals to india's homeless. and this is harmon parker, who's using masonry skills to save lives. he helps build foot bridges over perilous rivers in kenya. he's been protecting people from flash floods and from predatory animals and making it so they can access critical resources they did not have access to previously. these are the kinds of people we get to highlight every year in "cnn heroes." now we've had this big announcement about who the top ten are, you can check them out and decide who the cnn hero of the year is. this is the website. it gets you in and gives you the stories of all ten. spend a little time and check them all out before you make your choice. when you jump over here, it shows you some who were considered for the top ten. it shows you highlights who the top ten are. you click on any one of them, and we bring you information about what they do. we have stories, videos, background, their own words about why they do what they do. these people are just amazing to learn about. these are the kind of people we pay more attention to. then it's
. >> thank you so much. and i want to give a quick shout out to my wife's family in baltimore. donald parker and reggie, susan parker, hey! >> i didn't know we had a baltimore connection. that's fabulous. thank you so much. you can catch boris kodjoe and gugu mbatha-raw in the series premiere of "undercovers" 8:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. all new this afternoon on the farewell season of oprah, the queen of talk closes out the premiere week with a bang. nate berkus and vera wang join. 14 years to the day since launching ore book club, he makes the live announcement on her 54th election. that's all later today. >> and this afternoon's consumer alert whole food new rules for using seafood and what not to buy. we have details on the new color code and rating system. >> the seafood awareness campaign at grocery chain whole foods means next to the signs spelling out bargains on the seafood, don't be surprised to see signs steering you away from certain species. >> seafood is an area where a lot of customers have a little bit of confusion. >> to clear up some of that confusion, whole foods ha
to hurt you. they're a home owner's headache and a farmer's nightmare. here's beth parker with what we call stink bugs 101. >> reporter: at his office, brian duncan has a funny feeling that somebody's watching. >> it's creepy to be honest. i'm not the halloween kind of a guy. >> reporter: it's the brown stink bug, peeking through the blinds and eyeing up the pen collection. most on the outside looking in. >> we get all kinds of bugs and this is the first we have seen thousands of any kind. >> reporter: it's a native of china and first spotted in the u.s. in the mid-1990s in allentown, pennsylvania. this is the worst time of the year. y that sucking the juice from farmer's crops and invading homes and businesses. >> reporter: frankly, they lost count. >> they seem to congregate in the corners and they buzz around and annoy people. >> reporter: she works at a real estate and property management company. >> you can't stand long around here. >> they're hearing the buzz and hearing from clients when we asked exterminators whether to spray for them. they told us the same thing they told sue
the skins in great field position. a few plays later, willie parker living up it his fast willie nickname, for the first time this preseason. parker hits best game, seven carries, 35 yards, that sets up this, a 50-yard field goal attempt for graham ganot. and this is pure. would have been good for 60. ties the game at three. late first quarter, banks back on the return, this ball is driven and he must haves it, luckily brandon banks recovers. he also has five catches for 65 yards in the game. he's still on the bubble, just before half time, the first touchdown of the game, ail fan sew smith scores from three yards out. check him out here, he does the john wall dance. why is a cardinal running back doing the john wall dance? he went to kentucky, he's allowed. skins finally ready to do some housework. the rookie from ucla scores a 21-yard touchdown. austin was huge. 5 catches for 94 yards, the redskins lose 20-10 was the final. >>> another story line, albert haynesworth not one of those 29 players who did not play. he played, he played a lot. 49 of 55 plays, might be a record for the big fe
. during the offseason the redskins added former pro ball running backs willie parker and larry johnson to the roster. parker was released september 4th. today it was johnson's turn, a decision tata makes undrafted rookie free agent could heland williams primary -- keiland williams primary back up to clinton portis. they needed to make a roster preparation in this week's game against the rams. johnson played a reserve role carrying five times for just two yards. chad simpson was signed to fill johnson's spot. last sunday the redskins had plenty of good chances to close out the texans. 6:40 left, graham gano's 20- yard field goal attempt blocked it. would have given the skins a 20- 10 lead. 3:30 to go. donovan mcnabb shows he can still air it out. he's got a cannon, but this long distance pass just goes over the outstretched arms of joey galloway. that would have put the game out of reach. the redskins might be competing better than last year, but that doesn't make the defense feel better. >> we were actually out there competing with a great team that beat indianapolis last week compare
are causing controversy. beth parker is live with more on what the president had to say. beth? >> reporter: well, shawn, the president might be washington's most famous parent, but his children don't attend d.c. public schools o. "the today show," a woman from florida asked obama a question getting to the point. she wanted to know if he thought his girls could get as good an education in the d.c. public schools as they get in private school. >> i'll be blunt with you, the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> right. >> and there are terrific individual schools in the d.c. system, and that is true, by the way n every city across the country. >> reporter: now, test scores have jumped significantly since 2007, when major reforms began in d.c., even so, less than half of the students in d.c. public schools are reading and doing math at grade level. dcps released a statement saying they're proud of their progress and promise it will continue. the obama girls
only do so much. beth parker live at the scene of the tragedy. >> reporter: well, brian, if you look over my shoulder, you can see what is left of this town house on hager circle. investigators are working to figure out what started this fire. neighbors are trying to understand the horror of what they saw and heard. >> i hear somebody screaming. >> reporter: at the sound of those screams neighbors came rung. >> when i came out my door, i just saw yellow, and i just started rung. >> reporter: there were many what wanted to help. >> it was too much fire. it was everywhere. we couldn't even get in ourselves. >> reporter: they knew a woman and children were inside. as the town house burned that woman dropped a newborn out a second-story window and lowered two other children out to a man the kids describe as an uncle. >> i heard her screaming out, and he was screaming back to her when i got the baby. >> reporter: three children were saved. that baby, a six-year-old, and an eight. >> outside playing with all of them. they were lovely kids and she was really nice. >> if something was to hap
been a dozen robberies of iphone users. beth parker has more on what is going on. >> reporter: you can read about the new police warning here on your iphone and investigators don't recommend doing that in public. they have seen a string of robberies of iphone owners and one happened here on 19th street and off dupont circle. [ sirens ] >> they had a string of robberies where people's iphones are being taken. >> oh. that is crazy. are you serious? that scares me. >> reporter: even so, you don't have to look very hard to find people doing what police say they probably shouldn't. a lot of people feel comfortable walking around and talking on a cell phone. >> in the middle of the day? yeah, absolutely. [ sirens ] >> and like i want to put my phone away right now. i'm in georgetown, it's daylight. >> reporter: several robberies happened in georgetown mostly at night and others in dupont circle and shaw. in some cases, the criminal grabs the phone and in others, the person strikes up a conversation. >> hey, can i see the phone, do you mind if i mak
. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: they may not look like much but they are tough. >> little tanks, you know, little armored tanks. i call them a lot of other names. >> reporter: the brown stinkbug is enemy number 1, not just at bob black's mountain orchard but for the university of maryland. >> the pest of most concern probably ever in my 20 years in extension. >> reporter: and the usda. >> we are very concerned. this test in a sense takes precedence over any other problem we have. >> reporter: they have all come together to try to help. you see, at bob black's orchard and thermot maryland the stinkbug has cost him 20% of his apple crop this year. >> big apple crop. 20% out of that, we have 80% to sell of great quality apples so we are in good shape but we don't want that to go to 30% damage next year. >> reporter: native to asia, this insect with the striped antenna appeared in the u.s. in the mid 1990s. tracey electricky made the first -- leske made the first detection in maryland in 2003. they have no natural predators since they are nonnative. >> as they are p
incidents in total, two last night and this time they pulled a gun. beth parker has more. >> reporter: one happened where i am standing. there is a bike and running path and that connects students and they use it as a short cut to campus and this trail pops them by is neighborhood where a lot of students live. the shortcuts used all the time. last night, it got ugly. i didn't see them coming. they ran up behind me and told me to go of them my cash. >> reporter: this 21-year-old said the suspect threatened to kill him. >> and i cooperated with what he said and gave him my cash. i didn't want problems. >> reporter: susan hopes her dog wards off criminals. last night's incident hits close to home. >> it's basically in our backyard. >> and -- >> right heria. gee yeah. >> i was not here last night. when i read the, mail, it was scary. and now that guns are involved. >> reporter: minutes later, audrey smith saw police cars in front of her house and her street is a mix of students and non-students. and sometimes there are ladies alone, they come in and go in their house and they want to feel safe
. beth parker takes us down on the farm where the dry conditions are already happening -- having an impact. >> this is perfect. >> my son read a book about berry picking and he's been begging to go. >> reporter: the flavor of a sweet red raspberry has jumped off the page and spotted -- popped into the mouth of the 3- year-old and rue day who is visiting butler's orchard. his mom is a gardener herself. >> all of my geraniums are dieing and i have to water them every day on. >> reporter: the butler family has been watering, too. the irrigation is laying the ground work for next year's strawberries. >> we need to get our strawberry plants nice and healthy this time of the year. they're making their fruit buds now in september and early october for next year's crop. >> reporter: in the places where they not watering, you see dry, cracked earth. and it's certainly not a situation where the crops are wiped out but there will be a reduced you'll. for example, a vine that would have had eight pumpkins on it will have five instead. butler's has 20 acres of pump kins. >> and there are pump
't look good. add 22 more to the unemployment line. willie parker, coach wants to see you, bring your playbook. when your 5'6" you better be fast but was brandon banks fast enough? college football, mountaineers finding it tough to shake coastal carolina. tiger going low at the deustche bank. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a tuesday. pillsbury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. >>> okay, down to 53 be, who got cut? >> this is the day when everybody wants to know, happy labor day weekend. i am saying that implying you have a job and hence you have been laboring. not the case for 22 redskins who got called into the offices at the park this afternoon to be told their services would no longer be necessary. tough decision made t
, judith was ejected off a small farm by the landlords james and john parker. she wandered in want without shelter and entered her former abode on the 18th of august last. for this forceable possession shes tried and sentenced to 6 months confinement which punishment of and died of natural causes. eventually i find mention of the easterly of conwell evicting tenants in the near by town land. september 13, 1848 the newspaper says on monday last the agent of lord kwanwell attended by sheriff, police and bailiff evicted 9 families in 50 souls from the town lands near by. nothing could be more disstressing than to hear the clanking of the embarrass of the cabins mingled with the shrieks of women and children. i switch from reading the newspapers to the books i find james lacy of the books of lectural district of the poor law union. the library has most of the electoral district books for the 1840's. they are beautiful leather bound books with copper writing and calligraphy. the spelling of each name is not consistent from year to year. i find lacy spelled as l. a. krfrment y. e l. aechlt c. e.
in the nfl today. >> this is the guy everyone is looking for 75 to 53. willie parker rented an apartment. he didn't buy. that's a good thing. the running back situation clear now after cut down day. parker no longer at the park. he ain't the only one either. two days after a rock solid performance, injuries delabeling a young backer and a former cougar might as well be a freight train leading the way in college football. we'll have the highlights next in sports of the there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? >>> any surprises for you in this list? >> not really. i'll tell you the good thing about it, now that we're done with this, time to play football. son, go get your playbook. coach wants to see you. not what you want to hear this time of
over? but first, a terrific "gps" panel with cnn's new primetime anchor, kathleen parker, french philosopher extraordinaire bernard-henri levi, and others. we'll tackle u.s. politics, middle east peace, iran, and much more. finally, a last look. fighting poverty one step at a time. let's get started. >>> to discuss all of the news from this week both at home and abroad we have one of our star-studded "gps" panels. kathleen parker is the anchor of cnn's new show "parker spitzer," which debuts two weeks from tomorrow. she's also one of america's most widely syndicated columnists. bernard-henri levi is france's best known, some people would say most notorious intellectual and philosopher. dan senor is a senior fellow on the council of foreign relations and author of a wonderful book on israel's economy. and chrystia freeland is global editor at large at reuters. welcome to everyone. >> thank you. >> first let's talk about the economy is improving, public anger still seems high, and as a result it appears not only at that time republicans are going to do well but that the tea party a
from his own support eers? kathleen parker and eliot spitzer here to help us break down the president and you knew this was coming, pete dominick out on the street tonight. what does he want to talk about? hocus pocus. ege ege but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take our free learning assessment. t adwiwiout food al t >>> it's been an interesting few days for joe miller in alaska. all of a sudden he's just one of two republicans in alaska's three-way senate race. he joins us now to go one-on-one. mr. miller, let's start with that, the new development. the woman you defeated in the primary, lisa murkowski who is still in the united states senate, has decided now to mount a write-in camp
's newest voices, kathleen parker and eliot spitzer. i want to give my 5 employees health insurance, but i just can't afford it. i have diabetes. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law. >>> we've been talking about the islamic center in lower manhattan. increasingly, outcries over mosques a lot further away from the neighborhood at ground zero, all across the country. here's pat robertson on the "700 club" speaking out on plans to expand a muslim center that already exists in murfreesboro, tennessee. >> you mark my word. they start bringing thousands and thousands of muslims into that rural area, next thing you know, they'll be taking over the city council. then they're going to be having an ordinance that calls f
. kathleen parker and ellioiot spitz spitzer, parker-spitzer. it's not a new law firm but a new program here on cnn. [v:tv][c [panting] mark! anna! aah! aah! ha! ah! whoo! hee! heave! forgot your lunch. give me. give me. hee! ohh! ohh! announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent... i'm ok. because kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you. >>> we've been talking about the islamic center in lower manhattan. increasingly outcries a lot farther away from the neighborhood at ground zero, all across the country. pat roberts from the 700 club speaking out on plans to expand a muslim center that already exists in murphysboro, tennessee. >> you mark my word. they start bringing thousands and thousands of muslims into that rural area, next thing you know, they'll be taking over the city council. then they're going to be having an ordinance that calls for public prayer five times a day. then they're going to be having ordinances that there will have to be facilities forefoot washing in all the public restrooms and all the airport facilities, et cetera, et cetera. and
character, peter parker. >> and everything to do with new york, this is going to be big. huge budgets. give us an idea of what we're going to see as you transform this into a musical. >> what we wanted to do, which is important in theater, is to make it very physical. what we tried to do is pop-up sets. this is just in the beginning. we're in tech rehearsals. you're going to see the buildings come arrive. there's a giant spider-man over here. here's a picture of the brooklyn bridge, with three of our techies on top of the brooklyn bridge. and with eiko ishioka, we have the costumes. we have the green goblin. this is one of the designs. patrick page, a very physical performance. and, of course, peter -- it's a love story. and peter has to move between trying to make his life, go to school, earn a living, be a reporter, be in love with the girl next door. but then, he has to combat these villains. we have many supervillains. this is one of our invented ones. we call her swiss miss because she's made of all swiss army knives and cuts new york to pieces. and so, this is one of our major dancers
frantically tried to help people trapped inside a burning house. it happened in lorton. beth parker is live with more of this heartbreaking story. >> reporter: well, sean, a woman inside this town house helped three children, including a newborn get to. she probably saved the lives of those children but she could not get out herself. at first they didn't see the fire but they did hear the cries for help. >> it was entirely too much to hear the screams and lay there and ignore them. >> we went to the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and the thick, black smoke. and we went to the glass door. >> suddenly in her arms an eight-week-old baby. >> i grabbed the baby from them. he tried to go back in and he couldn't. >> reporter: an adult female was able to toss the baby out of a second-story window. >> i took them in, and i held the baby. >> reporter: but three other family members were trapped inside. >> she said, they're still in the house, you know, and we couldn't do anything. we couldn't get in. >> reporter: then neighbors say they heard several small explosions. >>
and takers. i live the life of a taker. >> star parker was a taker and lived off welfare for 7 years and says the welfare bureaucracy encouraged her to stay dependent. >> they made sure that you didn't work, you didn't save and you didn't get married. >> and if you don't work or save or marry you got a check. >> two checks. first and the 15th. food stamps and the medical expenses paid. >> the createors of welfare, meant well, meant to help people but handouts have unintended consequences. >> once i found out about welfare why work when i can hang out here? this is fabulous, you know. >> even if welfare encouraged dependency, progressives say, other programs don't. >> we have all sorts of things designed not to give people just a handout but to give people a fighting chance. >> a fighting chance. so many people vandalized their public housing projects that government ended up destroying them. again. and again. >> they build it, and then they blow it up. public housing doesn't wreck neighborhoods. unattended public housing wrecks neighborhoods. look at the taylor homes early in the 1960s in chi
game here is how the roster became the final 53 roster. willy parker is a 17 year vet who had 20 yards in three pre- season games. parker didn't show enough quickness to make the team. the other big name cut terrance austin who let the offense with ten catches, 146 yards and one td in the pre-season. austin was a 7th round pick this year. he could make the practice squad which will be announced tomorrow. >>> the other notable cuts running-back ryan terrain. offensive lineman chad ryan hart. and the 7th rounder from this year and quarterback justin tryon was traded to the colts. the gives who stuck around are. well, maureen, we will see how this group looks a week from tomorrow against the cowboys. >> looking forward to it, lindsay. >> thanks, lindsay. >> the way you get around washington, d.c. might be seriously compromised this weekend. >> show you what's going on. not a good thing if you are trying to run the red line. it may be completely out of service. >> and plus that state dinner at the white house, also starring in the cable t.v. show. wait until you hear what's next for the wo
recollection, senator. >> in parker's case he said his case was similar to geithner's and there shouldn't be favorable rules to the well connected. >> geithner didn't have to say it so why should he. >> in the decision the court addressed parker's argument that they granted favorable treatment involving u.s. secretary of treasury timothy geithner but the judge went on to say that parker did not present any evidence relating to geithner's case. and it was irrelevant to the ruling anyway. in a recent case, a couple was called into tax court for their improper filing. they claim that the turbo tax software did not alert them to specific deductions and cited an article about geithner's use of turbo tax. that court rejected the fact that turbo tax was to blame. they were forced to pay penalties for their omission. as the turbo tax defense failed to work for anyone other than geithner himself? it begs the question, are their two separate rules. >> everyone recognized that he was about to be confirmed and the president wanted him confirmed. i'm sure that the irs and their discretion decided no
river. it's something that you couldn't see not too long ago. i'm beth parker and i will tell you what scientists say is making the difference. >>> and that sure is a great sign, beth. you know what? we're talking about big heat here again today into the mid- 90s and would you believe parts of this year could drop into the 50s tonight. cooler air is coming and you know what? tropical storm igor has formed. we have to talk about that and when the next chance of raits t >>> we'll see you then. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is getting started. d  >> the countdown continues, four days until the red skins meet the coy-- cowboys. will hainesworth take the field and what is mcnabb's status. >> reporter: we will start with the quarterback. who, thanks to a word scheduling quirk, will be playing the dallas cowboys for a third game in a row. when he was with the eagles, they played them in week 17 last year, the first round of the play-offs and this. it's never been done before. mcnabb gave everyone a scare in the second preseason game against the ravens on august 21
to the possibility of widespread anti-american demonstrations. let's turn to craig watson whose son, private parker watson, is now serving as a medic in afghanistan. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, keith. >> we just went through some of the reaction in afghanistan to the possibility of korans being burned in florida. are you personally concerned about the damage that's already been done and what that means for your son? >> yes, to a certain extent, yes. before we get started i would like to say go army. 173rd airborne. parker, we miss you. hope you're doing well. can i have the question again, keith? >> are you concerned about the risk perhaps that's been increased already no matter what happens or doesn't happen in florida over the weekend? >> like i said, to a certain extent, yes. the reason being, you know, my son is over in afghanistan fighting to defend this country and defend our freedoms and defend the constitution, and so this gentleman in florida that wants to burn the constitution -- i mean, burn the koran, you know, that's his choice under the first amendment. so we're kin
parker explains what is going on. >>> can you read about this new police warning right here on your if on but investigators don't recommend doing that in public. you see they've seen a string of robberies of iphone owners. one of them happened right here on 19th street just off dupont circle. >> we've this a string of robberies where people's iphones are being taken. >> that is crazy. are you serious? that scares me. >> reporter: even so, you don't have to look very hard to find people doing what police say they probably shouldn't. a lot of people feel comfortable walking around talking on a cell phone. >> sure, middle of the day, yeah. absolutely. >> like i want to put my phone away rate now but i'm he in georgetown, its adaylight. >> reporter: several of these robberies high pressured in georgetown being mostly at night. others in dupont circle and shaw. some some cases, the criminal crust grabs the phone. in others, the person strikes up the conversation. do you mind if a make a phone call and they take off running. >> it is an easy target. it is pretty identifiable from a distan
therapy helped change the little boy's entire world. >> reporter: 8-year-old parker reid looks like any other kid but this is critical therapy that changed his life. at 2, he was diagnosed with autism. >> about 18 months and had words and they disappeared. >> reporter: as parker struggled to communicate at all, the parents strug told figure out how to help him. >> once we had the diagnosis, insurance stopped paying for everything. all of the insurance stopped. the physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, all of it ceased. that was shocking. >> going to be a girl or boy? >> a girl. >> reporter: that is when neigh learned about play therapy and easter seals. >> we go into the family's home and train the parent to be the primary teacher for their child and to do the work every day with their child. >> reporter: it's called the play project, the acronym stands for play language for youngsters and part of easter seals mission is to train parents how to do it. then they must spend three hours a day making connects with their kids. >> if i say i had to you, that would be a close
notable name released is running back willie parker, a 7-year vet. parker just didn't show enough quickness to make the team. the other big name cut was terrance austin who led the offense with 10 catches for 146 yards and one touchdown in preseason. he could make the practice squad which will be announced later today. toreain and shrapers, and justin ryan was traded to the colts. and six receivers, including williams, and rookie banks. larry johnson and rookie kai land williams will join portis. beck is the third string quarterback and byron westbrook is the fifth cornerback. >>> d.c. voters set to make an important choice of their own. the race for mayor down to days. they are battle it out on the turf. >>> and michaele salahi now starring in a cable tv show and wait to hear what is next for the woman who has already made headlines.  >>> and making headlines this morning, craig's list is now censored. the website pulled the plug on the adult service section and now a black bar reading censored pops up instead. the section posed a great danger and promoted pr
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